Seminar on Challenges of PE تولید Production and Consumption in Iran

Reported by INPIA Quoted from Shana , PE١٠٠ seminar with cooperation and interaction Amirkabir University of Technology, Ariasol Petrochemicals, Mehr Petrochemicals and Polypropylene Jam will be held at Jam Petrochemical Company in Pars Energy Special Economic Zone and on Tuesday, February 26, this year in Apadana Hall.

This seminar will be held with the presence of prominent professors in the field of petrochemical industry such as Hossein Nazkadast and Ehsan Isazadeh as speakers.

In this seminar, each of the professors of Amirkabir University of Technology will give a talk about the structure and properties of PE١٠٠, standard, quality control of polyethylene pipes, evaluation of the quality needs of the grades used.

Also during the seminar, on behalf of Jam Petrochemical, Reza Rashedi, Head of Research and Development and Mohsen Farahi, Head of Marketing of the company will present information on PE١٠٠ production technology and PE١٠٠ market evaluation, respectively.

Those interested can contact the conference secretariat at جهت for more information or to participate in the conference.

According to this report, HM CRP ١٠٠ N or PE گر grade produced by Jam Petrochemical Company is a new generation of pipe grades under the license of Lundell Basel Company, which due to the modification and improvement of properties compared to previous grades ( Because PE٨٠ or EX٣) are specifically defined in applications that require high mechanical properties (ESCR, HYDROSTATIC, etc.).

The main use of this grade is in the gas distribution network, which is completely covered by having the MRS parameter (minimum required strength) of about ١٠ to ٨ (PE٨٠ grade).

PE١٠٠ grade, due to its microstructure design, has the ability to estimate the required properties in thicknesses less than PE٨٠ grade, which reduces the cost of pipe construction due to the reduction in weight per unit length. .

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