16 expectations from new private sector representatives in chambers of commerce

By Alireza Mirblok: Last night, the ninth marathon of the Chambers of Commerce elections across the country ended and the elected members of the private sector parliament were announced. At the end of this marathon, all those selected should consider themselves the representatives of all artisans, merchants and miners in the private sector. Henceforth, the demands of the members of the chambers of commerce must be the demands of the election winners and the concerns of the private sector activists. The author of this memo has written a number of demands that should be pursued by the new members of the Board of Directors of the Chambers of Commerce. 2- First, a careful study of the law of the room and the law of improving the business environment, to the extent that they have the power to analyze all its clauses. 2- Availability for colleagues and members 2- Avoiding colloquialism and staying away from everything! 2- Studying the correspondence of at least one recent year of the commissions of Tehran and Iran chambers 2- Focusing on solving the problem of ownership or management of the social security organization 3- Utilizing economic organizations from the facilities of the rooms 2- Pursuing foreign investment 2- Assistance in setting up export companies 2- Pursuing the promotion of client honors and accelerating executive affairs such as issuing certificates of origin and … 3- Accelerating the pursuit of solving the problems of the private sector 2- Obtaining major national problems and presenting proposals and programs to solve them 2- Pursuing the complete automation of administrative operations in government organizations and the private sector audience during the next 4 years (demanding the full implementation of e-government) 2- Prohibition of allowing the government to continue its activities and economic interventions 2- Advising the government and parliament on the appropriate allocation of budgets 2- Supervising and entering the privatization of state-owned companies 2- Focusing on increasing national productivity and creating manufacturing companies without factories It is hoped that by following these cases and other demands to the right of the private sector, we will see the growth and improvement of the country’s economy and livelihood.

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