A new challenge for polymer pipe manufacturers

This proposal is not operational at all and has caused a lot of damage to the producers of this product in the country and the petrochemicals that produce this type of raw materials. Interestingly, this type of pipe is the only product produced in the country in the field of construction facilities and its raw materials are produced entirely in domestic petrochemicals and have a technical certificate from the facility laboratory of the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center, so it is surprising that This office does not use the expert capacity of this laboratory, which has 20 years of experience in the field of testing and technical certification for this type of tubes. Despite the valid and mandatory national standard in the production of this product and the clear application and type of consumption in it, the building regulation office has limited the use of this product and still in many departments of the engineering system, the ambiguity of using these pipes in There is a building section. In neighboring Iran and Russia, consumption of polypropylene pipes is growing and 251 million meters of demand is consumed annually in this country. Consumption of integrated and multilayer pipes in this country has decreased in demand since 2012 and reached 70 million meters in 2018. Also, the highest growth belongs to PE-X pipes (heat-resistant pipes) and PE-RT (pipes suitable for piping), which in recent years has an annual growth of 10% in the market, the advantages of which can be the flexibility of these pipes and Fewer connections noted in the installation.

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