About Association

Iran National Polymer Industries Association in order to organize all matters related to the polymer industry and create coordination, unity of procedure and cohesion among activists in the field and increase the bargaining power of this class in domestic and foreign markets and in the face of related organizations and institutions and promotion Quality level of products and trade services and increase competitiveness with the aim of civil and trade management in production and prevent false increase in prices and maintain balance and order and provide more investment opportunities for the industry as well as use and transfer Scientific and national experiences of those involved and updating it to achieve legal goals and support the improvement of the business environment and respond to problems and shortcomings within the framework of the relevant laws of the country and defend the legitimate interests of members, with the aim of excellence in Iran’s plastic and polymer industry Formed in the world-class.

Mission :

INPIA is a goal-oriented organization that encompasses entire supply chain of Iran’s polymer industry. Through effective communication with beneficiaries, we endeavor to improve Iran’s polymer industry to enable it challenge regional competitors.

Vision :

In the macro decision making of supply chain of polymer industries, INPIA plan to be one of the most influential trade union organizations that has the right to bargain with governmental and other important parties. This union will help Iran polymer industries to earn remarkable market share in the region and even global market. INPIA as the main representative of Iran polymer industry will be the main information source for the global community of this industry.

Values :

  • Collaboration: Active participation of INPIA members is a must for us; besides, elites will be engaged with our projects to make sure we are taking advantage of all sources that we have.
  • Self-esteem: Alongside believing in abilities of our members, we strive to get best possible results.
  • Justice: all our members are equally treated, and general interests are preferred to group interests.
  • Permanent Development: INPIA believes contemporary society and next generations should have equal share in utilizing economic, social, and environmental systems.

Macro Level Goals :

  • 4.1. Increasing the bargaining power of the association in front of important decision-making circles and government parties..
  • Try to be more effective in important decision-making circles such as the Market Regulation Council.
  • Increasing level of involvement and acceptance of INPIA in the entire supply chain of Iran’s polymer industry.
  • Improving performance of the polymer industry in the field of sustainable development and protection of environment and natural resources.

Tactical-operational goals: