Allocate about 10% of export incentives in 1994 to purchase equipment for the Trade Development Organization

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According to the public relations of the National Association of Plastic Industries of Iran ( Inpia ), Dr. Turkman, referring to the reduction of 150 billion Toman of export incentives in 1394 from 200 billion to 50 billion Tomans, stated: According to the information received, the Trade Development Organization has spent more than 4 billion Tomans of this credit to purchase its equipment.

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According to the head of the Export Commission of the National Plastics Association, while plastics is the third largest non-oil export company in 1394 and employs about 500,000 people in this field, we are witnessing this inconsistency by the Trade Development Organization.

Masoud Jamali, CEO of Naghsh Jahan Rope Company, in explaining the export problems of the plastics industry, stated that a general problem is the development of the market and the creation of new markets.

He considered the establishment of export management companies as the right and principled solution and said that attending specialized exhibitions through the National Association in the form of pavilions was a faster solution.

According to Jamali, attending exhibitions such as the Ka exhibition can be the beginning of creating new markets.

“We are in a region where we have free roads from the north, we have access to many countries from the south through the high seas,” said Ms. Kamousi, an expert with the Trade Development Organization.

He added: “It must be admitted that we do not have a coordinated export plan, but the important point is to look at the trans-enterprise.

According to Kamousi, none of our companies look national, the private sector has not created a special position for itself, and it is better to agree to create a large export company. Turkey, which does not have raw materials, but takes raw materials from Iran and exports the product to CIS countries, and receives training the following year.

The expert of the Trade Development Organization said: in the field of decision-making, the problems of the industry are not solved only by the private sector, some need legal approvals to be announced to the government. Of course, some of the problems are big problems, currency issues, etc. We should prioritize the problems and provide solutions for them.

He added: “Let’s prioritize the target countries and see what our 10 priority countries are. What is the situation of our competitors, what countries have entered the field, we have a country in the region where we can have safe investment, but we see that delegations Foreigners are just watching and we have not seen any investment yet.

“The National Association Export Commission can identify and review work priorities to the government system and draw up a solution for the industry,” Kamousi said.

Dr. Saeed Turkman, Chairman of the Export Commission of the National Plastics Association, regarding the establishment of the Export Management Company, said: “With the prior agreement of the members of the Export Commission, a proposal to set up an Export Management Company will be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.”

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