An economist predicts the dollar will fall in the coming months / dollar rate?

According to INPIA, Morteza Imanirad wrote in his latest Instagram note about the summary of the seminar of the House of Managers: “First, the global economy is more likely to enter a recession. Second, even if the recession does not occur, the global economy will slow down sharply. Third, the US economy and the dollar are likely to remain strong in the near future. Fourth, given the Sino-US conflict, regional dollars, such as the New Zealand and Australian dollars, are likely to continue to weaken. Fifth, the Canadian dollar is unlikely to strengthen significantly in the near future. Sixth, the yuan is likely to weaken in the global market. Seventh, if a recession develops, it will start in China, and it is very likely that the recession will start in the construction sector and the debt market as a whole. Eighth, if global markets enter a recession, the likelihood of a storm in the electronics market increases. Ninth, oil is likely to enter another downturn. Tenth, goods will not rise in price in world markets. Eleventh, Iran’s economy is likely to remain in limbo this year and next. Twelfth, the probability of a positive economic growth rate, but below one percent. Thirteenth, the dollar is not expected to fall; Unless an important political agreement is reached. Fourteenth, an increase in the budget deficit next year is inevitable. Fifteenth, the volume of foreign exchange exports and imports will increase next year. Sixteenth, an increase of more than 25% in liquidity is very likely. Seventeenth, we will still have double-digit inflation above 20%. Eighteenth, any prediction by any individual or organization is only a possibility. Predictions should not be dealt with with certainty, but with probability.

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