An overview of the background of the spiritual sponsors of the third conference on innovation in the plastics industry

According to INPIA, this event will be sponsored by 5 organizations called governmental and non-governmental, which are introduced in this report: Innovation and Prosperity Fund In line with the implementation of Article 123 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, on 6/8/2010, the Law on Support of Knowledge-Based Companies and Institutions and Commercialization of Innovations and Inventions was approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly. Article 5 of this law mentions the establishment of a fund called the Innovation and Prosperity Fund affiliated to the High Council of Science, Research and Technology and under the supervision of the Chairman of the Council. Completion of the transfer of more than 50 offices for knowledge-based companies in Tehran and other cities, approval of about 100 billion tomans of approval in the form of partnership and venture capital services, termination of about one thousand knowledge-based products with the support of Innovation and Prosperity Fund and approval of the establishment of 20 Research and Technology Fund in the Working Group of Research and Technology Funds based in the Innovation and Prosperity Fund has been another part of the services provided in 1996. Amirkabir University – Faculty of Polymer and Paint Engineering Education and research in the two fields of polymer and paint began in 1974 at Amirkabir University of Technology. This continuous activity and based on meeting the needs of the country in 1989 led to the establishment of the first higher education center in the field of polymer and paint in this university (Tehran Polytechnic). The professors of this faculty are currently in three groups of polymer industries (downstream industries), paint industries (downstream industries) and polymerization industries (upstream industries or production of resins and polymers) in bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in educational, research and research activities. They are busy professionals. Recently, the Innovation and Technology Center of this college was inaugurated by the Vice President for Science and Technology, Dr. Sattari. Petrochemical Research and Technology Company In the late 1930s, the then Ministry of Economy established a chemical company to expand the petrochemical industry in the country, and in 1337, the company implemented a plan to build a chemical fertilizer plant in Marvdasht, Fars. However, since the growth of this industry required wider specialized activities and was coordinated with the oil and gas industry, the need to create an organization for the development and management of the petrochemical industry soon became apparent. Coverage of the National Iranian Oil Company was established and all activities related to the creation and development of petrochemical industries were concentrated in this company. Growth and Innovation Center of Azad University, Science and Research Branch The Growth and Innovation Center of the Science and Research Unit was established in 2017 with the aim of reducing the obstacles facing the nuclei and technology units. This is a local center for laying the groundwork, planting, holding and harvesting new and entrepreneurial ideas. Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture This modern economic institution was founded by Haj Mohammad Hussein Amin al-Zarb and continued to operate under the same name until 1305. On October 7 of this year, this institution was renamed the “Tehran Chamber of Commerce” and was registered for the first time in the list of organizations, the Ministry of Commerce. At present, the activities of this chamber include providing technical and economic facilities and assistance, establishing relations with economic associations and organizations, research and development on economic and trade issues, and so on.

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