An overview of the background of the sponsors of the third conference on innovation in the plastics industry

According to INPIA, this event will be financially supported by 8 companies in the plastics industry, which are introduced in this report: Plastic Medicine Company Modern plastic medicine; As a national sample producer and provincial sample exporter of disposable sanitary, pharmaceutical and food containers; It has started its production activity since 1998 with the aim of meeting the needs of the domestic market with the ability to compete in regional markets. Production of the best products using the latest technology in the world and the use of the best raw materials, along with the special attention of the collection management to research and development, active participation in specialized organizations such as the National Association of Iranian Polymer Industries and participation in domestic and international exhibitions There have been numerous plastic medicine in the domestic and regional markets. Parsa Polymer Sharif Company Parsa Polymer Sharif Company has started working in 2007 with a research history of more than one and a half decades in the field of advanced polymer compounds. Using the latest scientific findings and the use of up-to-date equipment, the company strives to play a positive role in the field of polymeric materials as a knowledge-based production unit. The audience of Parsa Polymer Sharif products and services covers a wide range of packaging, transportation, home appliances and construction goods industries (such as pipes, profiles, sheets, wires and cables). Production of advanced polymer compounds along with providing engineering and consulting services in the selection and use of materials is one of the advantages of this company. Paya Dana Polymer Company Paya Polymer Dana Company started its activity in 2005 with the aim of meeting the needs of the country’s plastic industry and launched its first mechanized factory in 2014 using modern equipment and technologies. With the aim of helping to advance and upgrade the country’s resources, the company provided polymer products and specialized engineering services and was able to support the needs of various industries such as the plastic film industry, including all plastic films such as BOPP, with years of experience. CPP, Blown film, disposable tableware industry, raffia and sack weaving, pharmaceutical and food, roto molding, injection, agricultural and greenhouse film industries, automotive industry, home appliances and polyolefin pipe industries, an important step in the production of various masterbatch products and Additives and polymer compounds and provide engineering services required in this field. Paya Polymer Dana Company, by establishing quality systems in its organization and obtaining the ISO 9001-2015 standard from TUV NURD Company, was able to join the Jirga of knowledge-based companies by relying on research and development by creating a research and innovation unit and has more than 300 grades of various types. It has offered its products to many manufacturing companies in the country and abroad. Sirjan pigment Sirjan Pigment Manufacturer of polymer blends, plastic granules, compound, masterbatch, additives, powder and pigment pre-dispersion in the form of nano-industrial and hygienic, high-strength yarn and modulus fibers with a capacity of 000, 180 tons per year and using European machines, Exclusive technology and formulation (patent) of all products with manufacturing license from the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education and certification of the Standard Institute, Science and Technology Park (Ministry of Science, Research and Technology) and in cooperation with the most prestigious Italian company. Innocent granules Innocent granules with the view of the degree of dependence in order of productivity as much as possible and with the thought of a global leader in the design and production of all types of plastic and polymer compounds in the form of T and PVL in the range of 1300 to 10000 C And TPV has officially established its activity and activity in the holy city of Qom. Noble ultra-polymer Sharif Fara Polymer Company in 1391 with the scientific support and brilliant history of its founders in the industry and with the aim of providing cheap polymer raw materials required by the country’s industry, especially parts, footwear, flooring, home appliances, boats and construction goods (from (Pipes, profiles, decorative wall coverings, bathtubs and wires and cables) as well as engineering consulting and specialized presentation of polymers were established. Importing various raw materials with reasonable quality and price along with providing engineering consulting services in using them is one of the advantages of this company. Leave Vira Company Virabspar Bartar Shargh Company, with activities in various fields such as production, import and export of various polymer and chemical additives with the help of its specialized and committed personnel, defines its medium and long-term goals as one of the companies active in this Become a domain. The company has not limited its business goals to the market of polymer industries such as compounding, injection, extruder and pneumatic molding, but also entering the chemical industry such as oil, gas, petrochemical and large refineries in the country as part of its cooperation plans. In this regard, he decides to take this path with all his efforts, with the grace and help of God and the help of his expert personnel. Fara Sanat Tabarestan The beginning of the activity of Tabarestan Farasanat Complex Company dates back to 2006. This company started its activity with the aim of supplying molds and production line machines. Prior to that, the machines and molds of the molding industry that were used in the existing production lines in Iran were either supplied by foreign suppliers or produced with low technology in Iran. Tabarestan Farasanat Complex Company is currently operating with the use of the most advanced machinery and equipment and its specialized and valuable human capital. Plastic Tabarestan

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