Central Bank ultimatum to exporters / insert export licenses in the comprehensive trade system

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According to Inpia and quoting public relations Central Bank , in order to return the currency from exports to the country, the Central Bank from exporters to Iraq and Afghanistan, which is the equivalent of Rials of the currency based on documents positive (during the period 1397.01.22 to 1397.05.16), requests from 9 to 20 July this year by referring to the “Comprehensive Trade System”, to Register the number cottage (licenses) for their export.

According to the Central Bank’s public relations, in order to implement new foreign exchange policies from the beginning of 1397 until now, on the one hand, and the instructions for returning foreign exchange from exports to the country’s economic cycle leading to letter No. 98.65694 dated 31 May 1398, this bank on the other hand, is appropriate. :

1- Dear exporters subject to paragraph (7) of Resolution No. 55300.8739 dated May 2, 1397 to the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan, which is the equivalent of Rials of the relevant currency based on documents positive Received (during the period 1397.01.22 to 1397.05.16) from 1398.04.09 to 1398.04.20 while referring to the comprehensive trade system at www.ntsw.ir, the section “Information registration portal of export licenses of Afghanistan and Iraq”, Apply for registration of cottage (export) licenses above dhikr . It should be noted that the said date can not be extended and the foreign exchange obligation of the said licenses will be fulfilled only if accepted by this bank.

2- Export licenses ( cottages ) related to the mentioned period, which are sold by exporters for their own import, etc., used in “Nima” and “Sena” systems. Will not be accepted by this bank to settle the obligations of the said period. However, if its information is registered in the relevant systems, it is systematically included in the obligations of exporters.

3- Due to the necessity of implementing part (1) of paragraph (c) of Note (8) of the Budget Law of 1398 of the whole country, exporters who, despite offering their currency in Nima system, have not yet finalized the relevant transactions, before the date On July 20 this year, they will have the opportunity to finalize their transactions.

It is worth mentioning that considering the performance of the country’s exporters in returning the export currency to the country’s economic cycle and related legal requirements, the continuation of exporters’ cooperation in fulfilling their foreign exchange obligations will significantly help stabilize the foreign exchange market and real and financial sectors. Therefore, in order to facilitate the process of reviewing the foreign exchange obligations of exporters in 1397, it is appropriate to return the foreign exchange earned from its exports to the economic cycle country by the end of July 1398 to take action

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