PVC July Story: Managing Competition with the Poison Eye

According to INPIA, quoting ISPIA, the case of PVC transactions was closed in July with 53 transactions worth 748 billion Tomans in the Commodity Exchange as follows. A total of 50,508 tons of PVC was supplied in 5 grades, for which 85,653 tons of demand, equivalent to 170% of the supply, was registered. Among these, […]

According to INPIA, quoting ISPIA, the case of PVC transactions was closed in July with 53 transactions worth 748 billion Tomans in the Commodity Exchange as follows. A total of 50,508 tons of PVC was supplied in 5 grades, for which 85,653 tons of demand, equivalent to 170% of the supply, was registered. Among these, 49,859 tons of PVC, equivalent to 98.7% of the supply, with a competition equivalent to 132 billion and 963 million Tomans. The average competition was traded at 21.6%. As a result, compared to June, buyers’ buying behavior has been calmer, so that the average demand percentage is 7% and the average competition is 10% lower than in June. Weekly trading trend: The half dollar, which had reached 156870 Rials in the last week of June, started its work with 158348 Rials in July and ended its work with 179449 Rials in the last week. Given the sharp fluctuations of the dollar in the last weeks, which set a new record for the price of this currency, the increase in the price of the dollar is not far-fetched for market participants in the coming weeks, although on the last day of the month the dollar changed. The global price rose slightly with a slight slope, for example, the global price of Grade 65, which was $ 693 in the first week, reached $ 751 in the last week of the month. The average supply in these 5 weeks was closed at 10101 tons, of which 6666 tons, equivalent to 13% of the supplies, were delivered immediately and 43842 tons, equivalent to 87%, were offered in advance. Trading in the first week with 221% demand averaged 38.7% competition, in the second week with 187% demand an average of 32% competition, in the third week with 163% demand an average of 23.6% competition, in the fourth week with 149% of demand averaged 11.7% of competition and last week with 124% of demand saw 4% of competition. Good news of the month for consumers of emulsion grades In addition to the good news of the reduction of competition in July, with the implementation of the PVC grading scheme, the purchase of emulsion grades was allowed only for real consumers of these grades, and with the departure of unauthorized buyers in the last week, some offers entered the matching system. شد. Although the grading had a good result for this group of consumers, but it is necessary to mention that the above design for suspension grades (S) is incomplete and needs more work. Bad news of the month: re-monopoly of Grade S60 The result of monopoly and rent is nothing but corruption and destruction. Based on the decision of the Petrochemical Strategic Demand Committee, Grade S60 was again monopolized for pharmaceutical companies under the pseudonym of Medical Grade. Due to the uncertainty of the quality and delivery time of Grade S 57 of Abadan Petrochemical and also the seasonal production of this grade, the consequences of this decision for PVC injection workers will be to buy Grade S60 at fake prices from the open market to continue the production life cycle. Was that the result will be nothing but an increase in the price of goods made for the final consumer. Grade 65 on the relative relaxation circuit Due to the increase of 25089 Rials in the base price of S65 from the first week to the last week of July, 100% of the offers of this commodity group were traded so that the base price increased from 109669 Rials in the first week to 134758 Rials in the last week. Despite the weekly increase in the base price, the average price of transactions, which had reached 159019 Rials in the second week, reached 139452 Rials due to the reduction of competition to less than 4% in the last week. The average transaction price of this grade in July was 149888 Rials. The important point about S65 is the lack of cash supply (immediate delivery) of this grade in commodity exchange transactions, so that out of 45488 tons of 65S offered this month, only 5012 tons, equivalent to 11% of the supplies, were immediate delivery, while the delivery of Arvand petrochemical remittances with It is done slowly. Market events: Apart from the price elasticity debate, sensitivities in the PVC market have reached the highest possible level, the entry of off-lights by supervisory institutions into this market has been perhaps the most important factor in reducing competition and demand in the last weeks of July. Of the 95,000 tons of monthly quota in the Behin Yab system for the purchase of PVC, the total amount of incoming demand in July was 85,000 tons and a decrease of 10,000 tons of demand due to the daily increase in the dollar rate and the conversion of consumer goods into capital goods due to current conditions. , Has been a sign of risk and fear for speculative buyers and facade producers as a result of waiting for supervision and its consequences. A series of measures such as the news of issuing an import license for 5,000 tons of PVC for Ghadir Petrochemical, the actions of the Commodity Exchange to control input quotas, warning the support organization to sites to enter the prices of free market materials and not specifying a competitive ceiling for brokers to compete Above, the control of petrochemical and warehouse storage warehouses, one of these warehouses in Shurabad and بازار has been very effective in market management, but certainly the positive steps taken Shahbit broadcast news report about the PVC market in the 14:00 news of One TV For two consecutive weeks, how this story has become and is attractive for the editorial staff of Sada-e Sima in the current turmoil of its current market in the country can also be important and observable points for those who are considering. Has the correspondent of the Radio and Television entered into this matter with his journalistic sham and market monitoring, or has a report been prepared by order of another body? However, in order to judge whether the PVC market will reach the shore of calm until the evening of Monday, August 27, 1999, with the recharging of quotas and transactions in the first week of August, we will have to wait.