Global price trends in Asian markets on June 8 and forecast base price trends

This week, all prices for all goods on the table in the Turkish market have been stable. It should be noted that all the changes in the price change table this week are compared to two weeks ago, because last week the National Petrochemical Company did not announce the price. The biggest swing this week was for heavy-duty injected polyethylene, which rose nearly $ 50 in the Chinese market. This week, PVC goods were stable in both the Indian and GCC markets. The largest price reduction was for heavy-duty polyethylene grade pipes, which decreased by $ 30 in the GCC area.


As shown in the table, the majority of goods are expected to have a downward trend in the domestic market, which will not be a significant reduction. It seems that the biggest price reduction for heavy goods is extrusion and pipes with a decrease of more than 500 Rials. It seems that the highest price increase can be for injected heavy polyethylene goods with an increase of more than 500 Rials. PVC products are expected to have a stable trend this week, and textile polypropylene products are expected to be almost stable. It should be noted that all the above calculations have been assumed to be stable in dollars and amount to 41,210 rials. And it is natural that if the dollar exchange rate changes, the basis for calculating the above predictions will change./Seyed Javad Mousavi, stock market exper

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