Google’s amazing discovery about 5 characteristics of successful work teams

In 2013, the Internet giant decided to investigate this issue. Of the company’s 37,000 employees, however, only 600 were directors or board members. Were those remaining 31,000 employees as effective as those responsible for managing them?

Over a two-year period, a team of researchers at the company analyzed more than 180 teams and interviewed hundreds of employees. What was the purpose of this work? Find the performance style behind each team. “We were almost certain to have the perfect combination of personal characteristics and skills needed for a top team – a Rhodes Scholarship researcher, two extroverts, an Angolar JAS * engineer, and a “We will find someone with a doctorate.”

Their findings could not go beyond their initial assumptions. It turns out that the secret to a team’s great performance lies not so much in its members, but in the wider set of team forces: “Who is on the team is less important than how the team members interact, how they structure their work, and What do they think about their role? ” They found that teams with excellent performance almost always display five characteristics.
Here are five characteristics of successful work teams:

1. Mental Security

Team members feel safe to take risks and be critical of each other.

2. Reliability

Team members get their work done on time and meet Google’s premium standards.

3. Structuring and Transparency

Team members have clear plans, plans and goals.

4. Meaning and concept

Work is important for all team members.

5. Impact

The members of the group believe that their work is important and will make a difference.

According to their research, the most important motivating factor for a team is mental security – the ability to be bold and take risks without worrying about how team members judge you.

* In AngularGS: An open source web-based software framework maintained by Google and the personal programming community to solve many of the challenges of single-page applications.

* Rhodes: An international grant given to non-English students to study at Oxford University.

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