Holding a seminar to get acquainted with the rules and regulations of VAT

According to the public relations of the National Association of Plastic Industries of Iran (INPIA), the Education Commission of the National Association of Plastic and Polymer Industries of Iran, in order to increase the awareness of financial managers and CEOs of industrial production units, held a workshop “Introduction to VAT rules and regulations” Added. The topics of this training course are; – Understanding the theoretical foundations of VAT – Generalities and definitions – Exemptions – Source, rate and method of tax calculation – Duties and duties of taxpayers – Tolls on goods and services (pollution tolls) – question and answer This course is taught by Ahmad Ghaffarzadeh. He is a member of the Tax Advisory Board of the Supreme Tax Law Center, Deputy Auditor of the Tax Office of the Big Taxpayers, Deputy Director General of the Office of Studies, Tax Research, Member of the Scientific Council of the Finance Department of the Research Center of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and a member of the Tax Law Amendment Committee. Has in his resume. Financial managers, CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs, economic actors, financial and accounting experts; The audience of this course is. The cost of participating in the seminar: 100 thousand tomans, which includes participation in the course, booklet, lunch and between meals and a certificate of attendance. It should be noted that participation in the above seminar will be free for up to one member of the association. Those interested in obtaining more information to attend this course can complete the attached form and send the required documents to info@inpia.ir. Also, for more information about this seminar, call 021-88927987 and 021-88927986.

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