Iran-Turkey Preferential Tariffs / Increasing Cooperation between Iran’s Plastic Industry and China

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According to Inpia , yesterday on the sidelines of the 13th Iran Plast Exhibition, Dr. Eshghi, Secretary of Tehran Chamber of Commerce Visited the booth of the National Association of Industries Polymer Iran, during which a meeting was held. Held with the board of directors of the association.

Various issues were discussed in this meeting.

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One of the issues raised at the meeting was the discussion of Iran’s preferential tariffs with Turkey (in the field of plastics industry). The Chamber of Commerce has informed the Association that the National Association is currently studying. The association intends to achieve scientific and principled results by implementing research projects and to express its opinion that Dr. Eshghi welcomed this issue.

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Another discussion was about the implementation of exhibitions, especially the Iran Plast exhibition. Due to the criticisms of the participants and exhibitors about how Iran Plast was implemented, Dr. Khansari, the head of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, suggested to the first vice president that the holding of such exhibitions be left to downstream organizations. Accordingly, yesterday this issue was raised in a meeting with Dr. Eshghi by the board of directors of the National Association, which welcomed him and it was decided that the association should follow up.

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The Secretary of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce promised to cooperate regarding the relations of the plastics industry with China.

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In the end, the regulations of the room payment system to the associations were discussed, and it was decided that the National Association would submit its proposal in this regard to the chamber.

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