Isfahan Plast is the first in provincial exhibitions due to its discipline

According to the public relations of the National Association of Plastic Industries of Iran ( Inpia ), Ghiasi regarding the reason for Kimiaran’s presence in Isfahan Plast stated: “Every exhibition is a place to say a new word and we as a production and knowledge-based company, because every time we have a new word for exhibitions due to the scientific and research nature of Kimiaran Company, in any season of time.” It has a new word.

In response to the question of what products you have brought for this exhibition, he said: “All the products that are hygienic and are used for the green products of the society, that is, we will take PVC to 100% hygienic.” I have to say that the stabilizer that we are currently producing, which is based on lead, has nothing to do with the hygienic nature of PVC products.

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