Launching the site of the National Plastic Industry Training Network

According to INPIA, the agenda of this commission was: pre-order news, introduction of the training unit of Neko Behineh Machine Company (Shamloo), presentation of how to insert the needs of the training commission site and report the results of the meetings held (Dr. Mehranpour, Khamoushi engineer), decision Reviewing the presence of Afghan Plast, evaluating and reviewing the education transformation plan in the plastics industry according to the progress made and the performance report of the Education Commission in 1995. Introducing the training unit of Nekobehineh Machine Company Ali Shamloo, Head of Public Relations of Nekobehineh Machine Company, said at the beginning of the meeting regarding the activities of the training unit of Neko Behineh Machine Company: NBM Company started its training activities in the field of plastic injection machine in 1990. We started a training package by training the operator for free when the devices are sold, and we hold these training topics regularly every 3 months.

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