Management of knowledgeable employees in the polymer industry

According to INPIA, we read the text of the note of Dr. Barmak Ghanbarpour, member of the board of directors and chairman of the training commission of the National Iranian Polymer Association: Today, the special importance of the polymer industry as a complement to the petrochemical industry cycle, given the resources and infrastructure available in our country, is not hidden from anyone. Obviously, achieving success in domestic and global markets and creating competitive advantages that will ultimately lead to the profitability of enterprises operating in these industries, will lay the foundation for sustainable economic development in our country. Research by business experts in recent years has shown that due to the successive changes in the external environment and the momentary increase in acceleration in the field of knowledge and technology, organizations must be constantly innovating to survive and grow, and the main factor This agility is the human resources as the most valuable assets of organizations. Therefore, the process of human resource empowerment plays an important and fundamental role in achieving organizational goals and strategies. In this regard, we can point to the importance of using integrated systems to collect data and convert it into up-to-date information, and more importantly, software and brains that have the ability to convert this information into value-added in organizations. This system, which covers a wide range of processes to create, share, manage and improve the intellectual capital of the organization, includes the concept of knowledge management in the organization. Simply put, the main feature of the knowledge management process is that it can be used to record and maintain human resources at different levels and on an individual and group scale to be available in similar cases for future decisions. This knowledge can be applied in a simple executive activity such as issuing an accounting document or a complex scientific and technical activity such as designing and developing new products with very sensitive and accurate use. Fortunately, in recent years, one of the important platforms needed (albeit with many limitations) to train knowledgeable staff in the plastics industry by setting up and developing academic and research centers in the field of polymer industry on the one hand and vocational training centers with deeper attention to executive issues and Action has been created on the other hand. The application of new methods in the recruitment of knowledgeable employees is a case that is seen today in many learning and knowledge-based organizations. Establishment of evaluation departments in order to attract the best human resources, along with the use of techniques such as psychological tests and workplace simulation, are among the levers to smooth the entry of knowledgeable employees into organizations. Another factor that is particularly important in the face of organizations with knowledgeable employees is the process of improving them. Student Employee Improvement contains programs that help the individual prepare for heavier and more important responsibilities. These training programs always keep organizations dynamic and agile and facilitate the process of changing the methods and policies of organizations in the face of current turbulent markets. Another process that is important in the effective exploitation of knowledgeable employees in organizations is creating, maintaining and promoting motivation in them. This in turn plays an important role in creating a continuous desire to learn, the ability to communicate and share thoughts and feelings, and ultimately improve organizational culture. Undoubtedly, one of the levers of motivation is material factors. Therefore, the attention of organizations to this motivating factor in dealing with knowledgeable employees is very important. At a higher level, knowledge can be considered as an important component in designing the compensation system of organizations. At the same time, paying attention to intangible motivational factors such as appreciating employees or providing career opportunities or giving shares to knowledgeable employees and sharing them in the profits of enterprises is of particular importance in this area. Although knowledgeable employees play an important role in the development of organizations, they sometimes pose serious challenges to organizations, especially in times of recession, in the process of human resource management. Retaining these employees usually comes at a high cost to organizations. Therefore, creating organizational loyalty and commitment in knowledgeable employees is of particular importance due to the unlimited increase in competition in various areas of the polymer industry and the possibility of considering more benefits by competing organizations. A very basic and important point in the management of knowledgeable people is that the leadership of these employees is fundamentally different from other employees and the need to recognize these differences is a basic need of an organization. Another issue is the importance of paying attention to the characteristics and cultural and climatic tastes of these employees in the special circumstances of Iranian society. Obviously, the management of scholarly staff in different geographical areas requires the use of different styles. Modeling the management styles of academic staff from other countries due to the lack or lack of successful scientific research in this field is a serious scourge that has led to the not very successful performance of Iranian organizations in the face of these challenges. In the end, it can be said that with old principles and rules, it is not possible to manage knowledgeable employees. Rather, it is necessary to design a perceptual framework appropriate to the conditions of the day and to create bedrock systems for the development of knowledgeable staff. Continuing the superiority of all organizations and, consequently, enterprises operating in the polymer industry, requires the creation of a superior environment and superior people, and it is the excellent employees who will ensure the excellence and growth of organizations in the long run.

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