Mohammad Reza Monsan: The solution for small companies is to innovate with the help of available facilities

According to Inpia , less than a week to the national conference “Plastic industry out of crisis; With the help of innovation “ remains. The conference seeks to provide plastics craftsmen with solutions to continue the production path of their units in the current economic conditions, as well as to gain insight into the innovative business models of successful domestic companies. (Click here for more information.) In this regard, Inpia < / a> Arranged an interview with the CEO of Pars Sadra Company. Engineer Mohammad Reza Monsan, in this regard, which axis of this conference is more attractive, replied: It should be noted that the country’s industry in general and the plastics industry in particular, has suffered a recession today and due to the economic conditions in the country, Production units are in a very difficult situation. One of the goals of attending this conference is to adjust our unified strategies to distance ourselves from the current recession. If this conference can help us get out of these challenges, we have achieved what we wanted.

Regarding the importance of innovation in the current situation in the country, the CEO of Parsa Sadra Company explained: “In fact, what is important is that innovation contributes to progress. Being able to innovate with the available facilities is the right way and can be useful for all manufacturing companies in the country, even small companies. But I do not see the prospect of innovating with large investments to enter the market.

In response to the question of how untying innovation is in the plastics industry in general with the economic conditions prevailing in the country, he replied: Look! There is no doubt that the industrial plastics industry is growing, but with the current situation in the country, we, the producers, are facing many problems. For example, there are many barriers to exports that today deprive many units of the opportunity to export. First, the economic situation must improve and international relations must be restored. But innovation can also open up new competitive markets for us. We should not limit ourselves to just a few markets like Iraq, because if we use all our power for one point, with the least international fluctuations, we may see all our export power lost at once. Product diversity and innovation in production can open the door for us to enter new markets and new countries. However, this also requires an opening in international relations

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