National Plastics Association hosts a 35-member delegation of Pakistan Plastics Industry Activists

According to the public relations of the National Association of Plastic Industries of Iran ( Inpia ), Dr. Turkman, referring to the forthcoming Moscow exhibition, stated: The presence of the Pakistani delegation in The connections were made at the Karachi exhibition, and this experience can be repeated at the Moscow exhibition.

According to the head of the Export Commission of the National Plastics Association, given that the Russian exhibition is about to take place and also Russia’s problems after the restriction on Turkish goods, very positive events have taken place, such as issuing the necessary licenses and solving the problem of money transfer to local currency.

He stressed: “Food industry producers, relying on the power of the private sector and as export drivers, have prepared the way for the export of other products, including plastic industry products.”

Dr. Turkman considered the Russian market a great opportunity for plastic products made in Iran and said: “Turkish markets in Central Asia and Russia are in danger and this is a good opportunity to use the markets in this region.”

Removing export barriers after Rouhani’s visit to Pakistan

The head of the Export Commission of the National Plastics Association of Iran also announced the removal of some obstacles following the president’s recent visit to Pakistan and said: “Fortunately, with the president’s visit to Pakistan in the first week of April, the obstacles are being removed.” Pakistan is well acquainted with Iran’s plastics industry and the result of this knowledge is the trip of a 35-member Pakistani delegation on three levels.

Dr. Turkman, referring to the absence of large companies and sanctions on Iran Plast in the tenth period by manufacturers, said that in order to use the capacity obtained from the presence of commercial parties, the National Association Export Commission and Engineer Pourghazi, Chairman of the Association Pavilion B2B face-to-face meetings will be held at the National Plastics Exhibition in Karachi.

According to the head of the Export Commission of the National Plastics Association, these meetings are planned on the sidelines of the exhibition so that those who did not participate in the exhibition can enjoy the space.

The arrival of the Pakistani delegation to Iran will be done in three levels, and the first level, which is a 16-member delegation, will enter Iran on Wednesday, April 15th.

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