Presence of the National Association in the form of a pavilion in the Russian exhibition

According to the public relations of the National Association of Plastic Industries of Iran ( Inpia ), Jalalipour, advisor to the National Plastics Association in the meeting of the Export Commission, which was held yesterday, March 25 The current meeting was held in the Iran Chamber, while stating the above, he suggested that the National Association participate in a pavilion with an area of ​​50 to 100 meters.

Jalalipour, an advisor to the National Plastics Association, also pointed to the drop in oil prices, saying that the decline had devalued the national currencies of the CIS and that many projects had been abandoned by contractors. Sanctions on the Russian market have also devalued the country’s national currency.

Jalalipour said: “Based on the task assigned by the National Association, we must agree and hold meetings to determine whether attending special exhibitions such as the Iran exhibition in Russia, is useful or not.”

Jalalipour said in an analysis: The special exhibition is an exhibition that is mostly held in the presence of government figures such as the Minister of Industry on the opening day. For this purpose, it is possible to coordinate a trade delegation to attend special exhibitions. Also provide a small pavilion for the Show Room or companies that want to attend.

In another part of his speech, he said: “On the other hand, since Iran’s exclusive exhibition in Russia is one of the approved exhibitions, it is subject to the protection policies of the Trade Development Organization.”

The advisor of the National Plastics Association said: “According to the subsidy that will be given to this exhibition, it is possible to apply for the stands of this exhibition with the coordination of the Trade Development Organization and using a 30% subsidy;” In other words, instead of $ 390, it set aside an amount like $ 280 to $ 290 for the applicants’ booth costs.

Referring to Turkey’s export position in Russia, he said: “Turkey was ranked fourth and fifth in the list of exporters of polymer products in the Russian market before the Russian sanctions.”

Jalalipour mentioned the Russian exhibition as an expensive one and said: “The organizers of this exhibition are international and its quality is due to the fact that this exhibition was held by Messi Düsseldorf.”

He added: “The prices of international exhibitions are very high numbers, and if we want to act according to the categories, polymer companies must be present in the construction or home appliances sectors of the exhibition.”

According to Jalalipour, a 50 to 100 meter pavilion is suitable for attending a special exhibition in Russia.

He explained in this regard: We, as the National Association, can have a booth of 50 to 100 meters, provided that the organizing company accepts the discounts of the Trade Development Organization and the subsidy right is assigned to the executor, ie the executor gives the discount and A 50- to 100-meter pavilion can cost $ 280 to attend.

Jalalipour said about attending the board: “Interested people should register before March 6 of this year, because there should be enough time to identify them and also identify the parties.” With this process, their meetings can be held in the form of face-to-face meetings at the same time as the exhibition.

He added: “Some people can attend the exhibition with the minister and pay less; Because, according to rumors, Putin is also there.

Jalalipour did not consider Russia’s exclusive exhibition comparable to China Plast. According to him, in specialized exhibitions such as China Plast, the attraction for visitors is more.

The expert went on to address the weaknesses of the special exhibitions, saying: “As usual, the officials are present on the first day of these exhibitions, but from the second day, the lack of specialized visitors is evident.” In addition, due to the coincidence of this exhibition with other exhibitions that are held at the same time and in the same place, the visitor will not be dedicated.

He continued in this regard: When there are no specialized visitors, visitors to other exhibitions are of little value. In Tehran, for example, a special exhibition was held in Italy, but there was no proper feedback; Because it has more of a political aspect.

Emphasizing that the audience is aware, Jalalipour said: “Professional visitors are never encouraged to visit a country-specific exhibition.”

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