Problems of units in production with the environment

Because the Environment Organization and, of course, its general departments, based on a decree related to 1346 that prohibits the development and construction of new units within 120 km of Tehran and 50 km of Isfahan, act on the received requests, which leads to lack of Optimization of production methods, which is necessary for the industry today, and on the other hand, has caused stagnation and stagnation of the industry and prevented its growth. As a result, considering the current conditions of the society and basing it on the slogan of the year, which emphasizes the leap in production, it contradicts and hinders the flourishing and industrial dynamism. As you know, at present, the country should distance itself from the sale of raw materials and move towards high quality products with competitive prices, in order to meet the country’s foreign exchange needs instead of selling oil and raw materials to the currency obtained from zinc exports. bring. At present, due to the conditions of Tehran province and the existence of a suitable market, as well as scientific and academic centers that are considered as a suitable potential of the province, it is necessary to provide a labor market for applicants to significantly reduce the country’s unemployment and high unemployment rate. Tehran was reduced by industrial units and this is not possible except with the purposeful development of industry in the province. According to the existing criteria, the introduction of industrial units to the Iran Commodity Exchange Company to supply petrochemical raw materials and metals is not possible without the possibility of including the related product in the license, and on the other hand, listing in the industrial license is subject to environmental inquiry. Environmental issues oppose it, and as a result, the industrial unit will not be able to buy from the commodity exchange, and even if it intends to supply raw materials from the open market, in addition to paying higher costs, it will be possible to deal with it by regulatory bodies as smuggling. . It is obvious that the industry needs to be updated based on the needs of domestic and foreign markets, and it must constantly adapt to the latest technology in the world so that it can not compete with foreign markets, and this optimization of production lines with technologies. The new one will lead to an increase in capacity, which requires the insertion of new capacity in the license in order to be able to use the introduction to the stock market to supply raw materials. Obviously, higher technology that increases capacity should be done with high production in the industrial unit to be able to cover the costs including the high price of the new technology created and somehow offset the investment made in the short years and from To compensate for it in the future, to replace its technology with the latest technology in the world, and thus be able to remain in competition with global markets in terms of price and quality, and thus have a strong presence in global markets and the currency needed by the country. Provide by increasing exports. Now, considering the above conditions and considering that the Clean Air Law and the subsequent law related to the lack of development and construction of a new unit approved by the Cabinet in 1346 has caused the General Directorate of Environmental Protection to be a significant obstacle in achieving goals and points of view. Officials of the system and especially the Supreme Leader, and not only is it not possible to jump production this year, but even in solving the problems and common problems of industrial units, provincial organizations, especially the Tehran Silence Organization, are facing problems. Another problem created by the Clean Air Law and its executive regulations in Tehran province is the requirement for the representative of the General Inspectorate to attend the meetings of the Article 11 Commission of the Clean Air Law, and the legal unit of the Environmental Protection Organization requires the presence of all members, including the representative. The above is a condition for convening a meeting, and due to the absence of the above representative, even the above meetings, which make it possible to solve some of the common problems of industrial units through the existing legal capacity, have not been formed and few meetings that lead to the elimination of A limited number of problems of industrial units in the province has also been invalidated according to the theory of the legal unit of the Environment Organization, and as a result, many industrial units are currently facing problems. In the end, some of the problems that have arisen for Tehran province after the announcement of the by-laws of Article 11 of the Clean Air Law and the necessary suggestions to get out of it are expressed: Units that have received a letter of agreement with the definitive transfer and change of use, considering the observance of the zone of settlements, and of course have invested in approved industrial estates in terms of receiving land, construction, purchase and installation of machinery, and now In order to issue an exploitation license, it has led to an inquiry into the environment, and in some cases, the Cabinet has been faced with a negative response from the Environmental Protection Organization due to its inconsistency with the Clean Air Act of 1985. Units that are located in approved industrial estates and have received a development plan letter or development permit in order to implement the plan, and after investing and completing the plan, apply for a license amendment and changes in most cases. They face a negative response from the Environmental Protection Agency. Units that have received a letter of introduction of land for transfer to approved industrial estates and after transfer and investment and transfer of machinery to issue an exploitation license are required to conduct an environmental inquiry and then stopped with a negative response from the environment. Units that have received a letter of general agreement with the change of use subject to establishment in the approved industrial town and after the process of transfer and investment and the need to obtain environmental approval due to the law of clean air to continue the process p

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