Report of the fourteenth meeting of the Trade Commission

According to INPIA, the fourteenth meeting of the Commercial Commission of the National Association was held with the aim of presenting solutions and executive programs to facilitate the supply of raw materials for members, timely supply at a reasonable and predictable price. The issues were discussed and discussed in the meeting with the following topics: Realize the demand side In this regard, the improvement of Behin Yab site should be on the agenda, so that the purchasing capacity of each firm is based on the number of employees, the amount of electricity consumed and the amount of value added payment. Approaching the supply side In this regard, we should approach the Petrochemical Employers’ Association with a regular program, so that we can reach a lasting agreement with them in determining the amount of supply of each type of material per week. Increase supply within In this regard, the plan of the Iran Chamber to abolish the export exemption of polymeric materials should be actively supported. Supply monitoring (regulatory) In this regard, we should provide an up-to-date system for monitoring the offers on the stock exchange, and wherever the supply on the stock exchange is low, we should immediately correspond with the relevant authorities such as the Ministry of Industry, Competition Council, Parliamentary Industries Commission, etc. and request an increase in supply. . Creating an alliance in the demand side In this regard, a trading company (cooperative) should be established so that it can make stock exchange purchases for determining and active firms together, this on the one hand is low cost for firms and on the other hand this trading company can be in the parameters Exchange transactions are effective. Subsequently, the members of the commission, after an overview of the above cases, proposed the following paragraphs and finally added them to the goals and solutions by a joint decision: – Method of determining the price of materials in the stock market (formula used) – Efforts to revive the working group of the Competition Council – Observing the supply floor (reviewing the supply floor of the past and then taking action to implement it) Also, considering that the Petrochemical Working Group of the Competition Council had positive effects on the offers on the stock exchange, it was decided to request the revival of the Petrochemical Working Group of the Competition Council during the official correspondence of the National Association. Regarding the low supply of the stock exchange compared to the requested supply floor, the final decision based on the list of requested supply floor (archive), a report on the stock supply in April and especially the April 27.28 offers, the items that competed and the items that It has gone to match and became the global and regional price of polymeric materials that will be discussed in the next meeting. Also, due to the importance of the articles of association / by-laws and regulations of the stock exchange and the need for accurate familiarity with the structure of the stock exchange, the members of the commission unanimously reviewed and postponed the final decision to the next meeting. people prsent in the meeting: Mehdi Pourghazi, Niroumand Polymer / Javad Hobeh Fekr, Alborz Plastic / Kamyar Piriaei, GIT / Babak Diantpay, Polyethylene Association / Alireza Tork, Paydar Polymer / Mohammad Karim Kharazi, Polyethylene Association / Maryam Shams, Khuzestan Industries / Ali Moin Far, Karno / Abbas Ali Motusalian, Yazdpolika / Zafaramirbag Louis, Dish Association / Saeed Turkman, Plastic Medicine / Javad Mousavi, National Association / Meysam Solgi, Niroumand Polymer / Kazem Zahiri, Iran Bars / Setareh Iqbal, National Association

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