Resolutions of the fifty-fifth session of the Petrochemical Specialized Committee

According to the INPIA report, the resolutions of this meeting are as follows: Items subject to quota aggregation or non-optimization according to Note 6 of Article 6 of the Market Regulation Instruction No. 60/233901 dated 10/1/99 are only for use in the production process and the sale and transfer of products purchased in the market is prohibited and It can be considered in accordance with the provisions of Article 8 of the Market Regulation Instruction. The supply separation of styrene monomer for polystyrene and resin manufacturers was approved with a ratio of 85% – 15%, respectively. Correction of this process will be done according to the implementation results with the proposal of NPC and with the approval of the committee. Regarding letter No. 60/259649 dated 10/29/99 of the Deputy Minister of Internal Trade of the Ministry of Silence, it was decided to submit a report to the committee on the issuance of import-based exploitation licenses for consumers of styrene monomer. By submitting the report of the Deputy Minister of Industry of the Ministry of Silence, the PVC-S60 quota correction will be done for all consumers (pipe fittings) and re-corrections will be made based on the real needs of production units by their written announcement by the Deputy Minister of Industry and Chamber of Commerce. It was decided that the special code of PVC-S57 grade should be considered and applied in the quota separately by grade by the Deputy of Industrial Affairs. It was decided to extend the deadline for 6 months in order to complete at least 20 members for cooperatives to meet the need. (Until the end of June 1400) The normal import of butanol was approved by the Petrochemical Trading Company subject to offering and selling on the stock exchange. Due to the priority of meeting the needs of the domestic market and the existing inflammation of the PET market, exporting was approved by NPC.

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