Richard Branson A man with many failures and great successes

The Virgin Group of Companies is Branson’s name, and the key to his success is passion, motivation, and acceptance of road hazards. Richard Branson is literally successful. He has amassed great wealth, helping others, and offering new services to the world. But Richard, like any other entrepreneur, has faced entrepreneurial difficulties and problems. In this article we will tell you about the labyrinthine life of Richard Branson, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Richard Branson left school in 1967. He started his business at the age of 16 with the publication of a magazine about teenagers. He wanted to be the voice of his generation. The magazine gained a relatively good reputation but had no revenue. Cash flow soon became the main problem for the so-called publisher. If Richard Branson had failed in his career, he would probably have suffered a major setback, but he decided to be flexible and shifted to recording music albums as a Virgin record company. Richard Branson and low income at the beginning of the work In 1984, Richard decided to start an airline and introduce passengers to a new experience of air travel. Although he had many ideas and aspirations, his inexperience worked for him this time as well. The company failed before it could start operating. In the flight test of the company’s first and only leased Boeing 7474 aircraft, a group of birds hit the engine and severely damaged the aircraft. Therefore, the company could not fly and did not have the income and budget to repair the aircraft without receiving payment from the passengers. But Richard Branson did not give up and began to raise money and budget in other ways. Finally, the necessary funds were provided for the repair and he was able to successfully complete the first flight. Richard Branson and Consecutive Fractures In 1994, he entered a new field of activity: the beverage factory. The factory wanted to compete with the best beverage brands, Pepsi and Coca-Cola. The taste was good and everything was going great. Branson decided to take advantage of factors such as diversity and youthfulness, but the reality was that the drink was not much different from other brands, and the big lesson Branson learned from this failure was that he needed an identity to succeed. And offer a unique distinction. Adventure and world travel Richard Branson was an adventurous man in all respects, he decided to arrange a trip and travel by balloon over the Atlantic. After losing a large amount of fuel, it was hit by strong winds. With much pain and intense resistance, he was able to resist this defeat and death. The important lesson Richard Branson learned from this defeat was flexibility in the face of difficult situations in which there is no hope of victory and resistance. Failure in the world of cars Virgin had a lot of success with airplanes and trains, but the world of cars was completely different. In 2000, Virgin began selling cars online, but this new way of selling was not successful and failed miserably. Another serious reality that Richard faced was that this way of selling is not effective in the market, and in order to succeed in any field, the goal must be clearly defined. Since then, Richard has worked on environmentally friendly fuels. Failure in the world of fashion and clothing Branson also tried unsuccessfully in fashion, cosmetics, and underwear. Her underwear brand planned to compete with the most famous brand in the field, Victoria’s Secret, but failed. One of Branson’s strangest endeavors was when in 1996 he tried to start a brand for a wedding dress, and at the opening of his shop, he shaved off his roots and took on the modeling of one of the dresses himself. This desperate effort also went nowhere. Richard Branson’s stubbornness and perseverance in new experiences is truly strange and exemplary. He has an outstanding characteristic: he never gives up and defeat can not get him out of the battlefield. Richard Branson and the failure of Virgin Digital In 2005, Richard Branson launched a website in the form of iTunes and a rich collection of music, but the downloads did not go as planned and smelled of failure. Unfortunately, what made the Virgin Digital a failure was the lack of an iPod. Virgin suffered a heavy defeat against Apple and taught Branson a great lesson: imitation will not be very successful. We all fail, there is no escape from failure in life. According to our efforts and aspirations, failures will accompany us, but the winner of the battle with challenges is the one who does not give up in the face of failures. Richard Branson’s success has also been rooted in his stubbornness, effort and hope for the future, and his flexibility in the tortuous path of change. Richard has some very useful inspirational sentences, some of which we will mention below.

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