The 4th Innovation Conference in Polymer Industries will be held on the 20th and 21st of March

Vice Chairman of the Board of Iran National Polymer Industries Association announced arranging of the fourth innovation conference in polymer industries on the 20th and 21st of March 2022.

In an interview with INPIA, Saeed Zokaei, Secretary of the 4th Innovation Conference, said: “Holding the Innovation Conference in the end of the Iranian calendar obtain a proper time for organizations and firms to evaluate their growth plans and investment budgets for next year, and how to adapt their operations’ development plan to global changes and Iran in the plastics industry.”

He added: “Also, the advantage of holding an innovation conference at the end of the Iranian calendar is that it can possess a significant place for firms to make plans for next year. Organizations and companies must definitely be innovative in their activities and production process, otherwise they will suffer constantly. And if organizations get caught up in monotony, they are condemned to failure. If an organization wants to maintain its economic competitiveness and grow, it must provide good planning to innovate for the upcoming years.”

Referring to the motto of the conference, “Is the plastics industry ready for rapidly changing global innovations?”, Zokaei answered: “If they do not prepare their industry for the changes and developments, they will definitely be left out of the competition game.”

Appreciation of innovative companies and innovation evaluation training for companies

The head of the technical commission of Iran National Polymer Industries Association announced the holding of a critical event along the principal axes of the Innovation Conference and added: “In the process, organizations are taught how to measure their innovation or how to plan for it in their systems.”

He continued: “Moreover, capable and innovative companies in various fields like production and development of new products, marketing, customer service and in various sectors, will be selected, introduced and appreciated in the conference.”

About the axes of the conference, Zokaei also said: “empowerment of organizations in the field of change and innovation, environment and green innovation, environmental regulations, opportunities and incentives of change, innovation and change in the plastics industry, technology trends and its impact on the plastics industry, are five axes of this meeting and along with them, an interesting section has been added which is related to the experiences of triumphs and failures of organizations in the field of innovation.

He continued: “In most conferences and seminars, the issue of success will be addressed, but in this conference, the experiences of failures that have occurred in the field of innovation will be discussed, which is unique in its kind, and without doubt these understandings can pave the way for ultimate success.”

At the end, the secretary of the 4th Innovation Conference emphasized: “The necessity of our growth is to implement change and innovation in organizations. The speed of this innovation in plastic-related industries is a little low, but this year its need and necessity is more than before due to the conditions happened. We should move on with a pragmatic outlook on progress, relying on innovation.”

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