The 5th National Polymer Conference of Iran (HAMPA-98) will be held

According to the report INPIA , the fifth national conference of Iranian polymer (HAMPA-98) with technological approach And is held with the aim of developing the relationship between industry and academia .

One of the parts of the present conference is holding specialized meetings with scientific-industrial approach on an issue with the majority of the audience. In each specialized session, two keynote speeches by prominent university professors that have a lot to do with the polymer > Have, with questions and answers . Also, a number of selected articles from other researchers related to the topic of the meeting will be presented in the continuation of these sessions.

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Topics of specialized meetings:

1- PVC specialized meeting – upstream industries

2- PVC specialized meeting – downstream industries

3- Composite specialized meeting

4- Polyurethane specialized meeting

5- Specialized meeting of polyolefin

6- Specialized meeting of glue and resin

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To register, first log in to the user system and select your desired meeting in the services section, and in the next step, make the payment online.

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Online registration

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Industry Challenges Polymer

One of the interesting sections of the 5th National Conference Polymer Iran (Hampa 98), Challenges Section And the issues in each of the factories of polymer of the country. The purpose of this section is to present the issues in factories active in the field of polymer and composite, And finding the necessary solutions to solve them by faculty members of universities, students, independent researchers and small and medium-sized companies is creative and innovative (both knowledge-based and others) in this field. Companies can present their challenges in the following areas:

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Technical and specialized issues in the field of raw material production Polymer and chemical

Design and manufacture of industrial machinery Polymer

Energy and environmental problems

· Search for managerial and economic solutions related to the production unit

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Therefore, the Conference Industry Relations Committee, in cooperation with the Office of Industry and Community Relations Office at the University of Isfahan, after the initial call, first receives Industrial Challenges in the form of RFP worksheets from various industries and then From the initial study, their thematic classification is done.

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Industrial challenges with different topics will be specially introduced to the relevant expert or, if desired, will be displayed as a poster on the day of the conference by professors of universities and research institutes, students and experts of knowledge-based companies.

After the initial talks on the sidelines of the conference, industry challenges in the form of research agreements between academia and industry or the definition of student dissertations aimed at solving industry problems, industry growth and promotion Polymer and the elimination of foreign dependence to deal with sanctions and boost production in the country will be solved.

Companies that want to raise their industrial challenges in this conference, it is necessary to start the process, first register on the conference site and then complete the RFP worksheet and send it to the user panel in the user panel until 31/6/98 at the latest.

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Industrial Challenges Worksheet

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Simultaneously with the conference, an exhibition will be held with the participation of companies active in the fields related to the axes and objectives of the conference in order to present capabilities, products and services in this field.

The cost of participating in the side exhibition is 2,000,000 Rials per square meter to provide the following services:

Booth with dimensions of 6, 8 and 12 square meters – one table – two chairs – three electric paths – booth inscription – reception of morning and afternoon snacks as well as lunch for one person

If you are ready and choose any of the defined dimensions, please complete the application form for the booth in the exhibition and send it to the secretariat e-mail ( or through our user panel.

Please pay the registration fee to account number 330100004001072403018278 with the Central Bank and ID 42072461116500002217000000000 in the name of the National Conference Iran Deposit and announce the secretariat of the conference.

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After registering for the conference, you can also pay online in the service section.

Services section

Exhibition booth application form

Support the conference

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