The answer of the Minister of Oil to this question of INPIA; What is the plan of petrochemicals to produce High Tech grades?

Interior Minister Bijan Zanganeh was present at the opening of the Iran Plast exhibition today, answering reporters’ questions on the sidelines of the ceremony. Inpia asked why Petrochemicals do not produce high tech grades and often produce grades that are general, and this makes downstream industries largely unable to innovate and produce up-to-date products in the world.

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“Economically and technologically , we need to make progress that we, as the Ministry of Petroleum, are allowed to intervene in such matters,” he said. ir / shownews / 8297 “target =” _ blank “rel =” noopener noreferrer “> We do not have petrochemicals but we will facilitate if needed. He continued: “Over time, petrochemicals will start producing these types of grades .

Behzad Mohammadi, CEO of National Company Petrochemical also completed in this regard: At present, decades Different grades with technology are being produced in the country.

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