The disturbed status of diethylhexanol and DOP was investigated

The twenty-second session of the Commercial Commission of the National Association, with the presence of craftsmen and members of the commission, examined the turbulent situation of diethylhexanol and DOP.

First, the participants expressed their views on the causes and confusion of diethylhexanol and DOP, as well as their suggested solutions.


In this meeting, it was decided in the next meeting of the working group of the specialized petrochemical committee (market regulation) that Buick Sahaf Amin will be present as the representative of the association, to discuss the issue of diethylhexanol and DOP, if possible, Farhani, a person as an accompanying expert, attend the meeting and present issues and problems with documents.


It was also decided that on the issue of diethylhexanol and DOP, follow-up for cooperation with Farshad Moghimi, Deputy Minister of Industry and Industry with the presence of Lashgari, Taleghani, Arab, Ghasemi and Moinfar will be on the agenda of the commission and written to the National Assembly by the date of the meeting. To be sent.


In the end, it was decided that a Minute letter with the focus on lifting the ceiling + limitation of tonnage of diethylhexanol and DOP should be prepared and sent to the competent authorities and put on the agenda.






Mohsen Safaei; National Association, Chairman of the Commission
Mohammad Arab, Iranian Association of Shoe Managers and Specialists
Mostafa Taleghani, Iranian Masterbage and Compound Association
Mr. Basir: Iranian Society of Managers and Footwear Specialists
Javad Hobe Fekr, Alborz Plastic, member of the commission
Ali Lashgari, National Association
Abbas Moayed, Iranian Master and Compound Association
Ali Moinfar; Carnot Machinery, Member of the Commission
Houshang Parsa, Plastic Kar, Member of the Commission
Javad Mousavi, National Association Scholarship Expert
Mr. Piriaei, GIT; Member of the Commission
Ali Norouzkhani, GIT, Member of the Technical Commission
Mohammad Reza Motamed Rasa, Wire and Cable Association
Saeed Ghasemi; Wire and Cable Association
Maryam Shams, Khuzestan Plastic Industries, Member of the Commission

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