The most important decisions of a CEO

CEO responses were divided into 5 groups: 1. Talent Management (37%) Key decisions: such as talent planning, talent testing, human resource management, competency and position analysis, hiring, payroll, benefits, employee participation and commitment, and performance management. ۲. Customer management (29.4%) Key decisions: Finding, gaining and retaining customers in the new digital world. 3. Financial management (17.7%) The most important decisions: recording, reporting and analyzing income, expenses and profits; Management and expansion of capital, use of financial resources to progress and achieve the goals of the organization. 4. Business Operations Office (10.9%) Most important decisions: Infrastructure and facilities that are specific to the organization’s business. In relation to job-related services; Coordination of customer requests and labor-related resources in relation to production; Optimization of production facilities and equipment, factories and supply chain; In relation to structure, equipment management, projects and resources. 5. Leadership (5%) Key decisions: Choose tactics, techniques, and strategies that enable CEOs to implement their vision or achieve their goals

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