The Second Iranian Petrochemical Intermediate and Downstream Industries Conference

Conference axes:

– Development of intermediate and downstream sectors Petrochemical

– Development and transfer of advanced technologies

– Identify evolutionary trends in the value chain

– Attracting international financial institutions

– Attracting international companies with advanced technologies

– Establishing cooperation between domestic and international financial institutions

– Introducing the perspective of global markets

– Introducing the potentials and markets of downstream industries Petrochemical Iran

– Introducing upstream programs and its role on the development of the intermediate and downstream sectors a>

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Side Exhibition:

Adjacent to the conference hall, a space will be provided for interested companies to set up exhibition stands. This space will provide a good opportunity for interested companies to present their latest products, achievements, technical knowledge and services. For more information, please contact the conference secretariat.

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For more information, interested parties can contact the conference secretariat through the following numbers.

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