The third specialized exhibition of Bandar Abbas construction industry

Reported by Inpia Quoted from IRNA , in this exhibition, dozens of construction companies, production units, mass builders, construction cooperatives, publications Construction consultants, designers and construction engineers from different provinces of the country, including Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Yazd, Bandar Abbas, Fars, Mazandaran, Gilan, Markazi, Qazvin and Hamedan are present and participating.

In the third specialized exhibition of Bandar Abbas construction industry; the latest and latest achievements, products and scientific and industrial technologies in the field of basic building materials, construction machinery and equipment, elevators and elevators, prefabricated houses, Drawing and design, water treatment systems, heating and cooling facilities, tools, construction equipment and machinery, work and safety equipment and supplies, doors and windows, glass and related machinery, architecture, decoration, facade, roof and wall coverings , Flooring, pipes and fittings, ceramic tiles, electrical and electronic equipment, water and gas infrastructure industries, technical and engineering services, sound and heat insulation, landscaping and interior decoration are presented and exposed to the eyes of interested people. >

This exhibition aims to develop and expand the style and resilience of the country’s construction, help the construction boom, recognize the capabilities and shortcomings of the construction industry, get acquainted with the current developments of this industry in Iran and the world, Job creation and creation of a special economic and commercial environment for companies active in the field of machinery, equipment, materials, services and technology of the construction and civil industry will be held.

On the sidelines of the third specialized exhibition of Bandar Abbas construction industry; Side programs such as holding scientific meetings in the fields of building style and retrofitting, use of light and quality materials, reconstruction of worn-out structures and retrofitting of rural buildings, as well as various other specialized conferences, workshops and seminars related to industry The building will be held.

Sanitary valves, thermal and cryogenic insulation, mosaics, flooring and parquet, pvc and polyethylene pipes, doors and windows, stone and ceramics, concrete metal forms and modular scaffolding, devices Air conditioning, bathrooms, bathtubs and jacuzzis, switches and sockets, escalators and prefabricated buildings are some of the other products that will be presented in this exhibition.

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