UPVC door and window profile training course is held

The topics of the courses “UPVC door and window profile training package” This package, which is in line with the education transformation plan in the plastics industry and is one of the outputs of the training commission of the National Plastics Association, is as follows: Mixer operator 1- Recognition of raw materials 2- Formulation and role of additives in materials 3. Mixing method production operator: 1- Recognition of equipment, mixing and material handling and transfer systems 2- Description of extruder, execution and parts and their role 3- Description of the bottom line, components and parts and their role 4- Method of preparation and commissioning of production lines, facilities and ancillary equipment 5- Troubleshooting the product and fixing it during production Quality Control: 1- Teaching standards and methods of quality control of raw materials. 2- Quality control during production 3- Teaching standards and methods of product quality control and warehousing The maximum capacity in this course is 30 people and the duration of the course is 12 hours. Event Place: Tehran, 15 km of Karaj highway, Pajuhesh Boulevard, Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Research Institute For more information about this course, interested parties can call 32267015-026 and 32777016-026 (Education Unit – Ms. Ahmadi).

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