Utilizing regional potential

Meanwhile, European governments’ promises to protect active companies from American pressure will not make them willing to take the risk, according to INPIA. All these companies do is wait and see how their respective governments react to companies operating in the Iranian market, and if they find the space reliable, then resume their activities. So in the early days, big European companies will probably not be willing to stand up to the Americans, so they will reduce their sales and reduce the level of their relationship; A process that has actually taken place in reality since May 8. The new corridor promised by European countries is likely to continue the activities of small European companies that do not have exchanges with the United States, but this corridor does not seem to be able to do much, and its limitations make it impossible to influence in many areas. Although this decision can be considered a positive step, it does not make sense to have high expectations from it. In the meantime, Iranian companies will unfortunately not play a significant role, and if communication is cut off from the European side, we will return to a time when we only traded with China, India and Indonesia, because after the cessation of cooperation with the Europeans, Korea and Japan. They will follow their obedience and behavior. Recently, however, it has been heard that large Chinese companies will be more conservative, and that they have also stated that they will not jeopardize their market in the United States. Now, in response to what is the solution in this situation, it should be said that this problem is basically political and the solution will be political. Our foreign policy apparatus in recent years, despite its strengths, has not been able to establish friendly relations in the region, and we have not even been able to properly utilize the capacity of our neighboring countries. Reducing tensions between Iran and the countries of the Persian Gulf and creating a competitive environment instead of enmity should be one of our priorities. A shift in foreign policy and improved relations with neighbors can be seen as support for good relations with Europe. It may seem a little difficult today and it can be considered that there is no common ground with some countries in the region, but I think the diplomatic power of the government can change the situation so that we can be less harmed by the decision of the Trump administration. the world of economy

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