What are the features of Iran Plast exhibition site?

Iran Plast Exhibition News Headquarters – Mohammad Maghare, Executive Director of Iran Plast Exhibition, in an interview with Iran Plast News Headquarters, explained the different sections and potential features of this website.

Mr. Maqareh, the exhibition site is in fact the exhibition showcase. In Google search with Persian and English typing “Iran Plast”, the first result is naturally the official site of Iran Plast exhibition. What measures have you taken to make this site visually and technically efficient?

As you said, the exhibition site is the gateway to Iran Plast exhibition. In the past, the exhibition site system and the registration system were separate, which created problems and lacked the necessary integration. This year, fortunately, we managed to run the exhibition site and registration system in one piece, this feature allows us to have the exhibition site in a stable manner throughout the year and to keep up-to-date information in it. We plan to continuously upload useful information from the rubber and plastic industry on the site throughout the year. Of course, each exhibition period has its own site where the participants of each period can enter the site of the same year and extract the information they want.

What we plan to do next year is to add a demand-driven section to the site. At present, our exhibitions are purely supply-oriented and the exhibitors present their products and services. For next year, we intend to create a new opportunity to give companies the opportunity to express their needs in the field of technology, products, services and equipment.

In fact, both supply and demand occur. We think that this new approach will lead to the development of the exhibition and the elimination of possible existing problems.

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“Global Business with Iran Plast ” is also the slogan of the exhibition this year …

Yes, the motto of Iran Plast exhibition in recent times has been “global business” and to achieve it, we will do our best to facilitate the presence of visitors from international markets. That is why we have been inviting foreign businessmen and traders to visit the exhibition for several years, and maybe good contracts have been concluded with the participants.

We have received very positive and useful feedback in the presence of foreign traders. Especially in the field of raw materials and final products. Unfortunately, we have not been as successful as we should have been in the machinery sector, perhaps because the group itself has not been very willing to operate in the export sector or because the importing machinery and equipment sector has not been attractive to them in the regional markets. But this year, with the strengthening of domestic manufacturers and a colorful presence in the Iran Plast exhibition, we hope that the presence of foreign businessmen will make this sector more prosperous.

In the dedicated panel of each company, we have provided a section entitled “Special Guests” so that companies can introduce their potential customers and we can invite them to visit the exhibition.

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What do exhibitors achieve in the virtual exhibition section and what can visitors benefit from? (Wouldn’t it have been better if the location of each company’s booth was marked on the map or were the booth numbers at least a link to the company names?)

Another section that has been active on the site for some time is the virtual exhibition section. In each period of the entire exhibition space, we do 360-degree 3D photography and it is uploaded on the site two weeks after the end. Participants can put a link to their booth on their company website and visitors can visit this virtual exhibition for one year. On each booth there is basic information of each company including contact information. In addition, information about brochures and products will be added soon. There is currently a virtual exhibition menu. Users can see the list of companies present by selecting the halls, and it is natural that after holding the exhibition and doing 3D photography, a link will be established to the booth images and additional information.

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What is the interactive e-book system of the exhibition? What is its function and to what extent has it been welcomed by exhibitors?

For this year’s e-book system, we received an offer from a tasteful contractor to publish an interactive book for the exhibition and provide company information to participants for free. It was an attractive offer and we welcomed it. It is the first year and companies may not be very familiar and it has not been very popular, but I am optimistic that this book will open its place in the exhibition in future periods and the companies’ information will be placed on it.

In this series, the purpose of companies’ presence in the exhibition, investment discussion, whether they need to attract capital or not, etc. is predicted, in fact, based on definable keywords, we find the possibility to connect and connect. Make the exhibitor with the visitor much more purposeful. This group is trying to cover the possible knowledge needs of the units by cooperating with the Presidential Institution and inviting knowledge-based companies in various fields to visit the Iran Plast exhibition. Groups to visit and cover knowledge needs. Investment groups have been invited from the stock exchange to visit the exhibition and based on the announcement of the units’ need to attract

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