What are the reasons for not resigning?

Resigning seems to be the best option in some circumstances; But there are also cases where you have acted only to your detriment by resigning. It makes a lot of sense to quit a job the moment your emotions overwhelm you. You want to inform your bosses about this or just rid yourself of situations that you no longer enjoy. This decision will save you from a destructive situation. The problem arises when the height of your emotions subsides and a bad feeling gives way to that extraordinary momentary feeling. Resigning for emotional reasons or just one event is a wrong decision. There are good ways and good reasons to quit your job. The following are not good reasons. You do not feel well and you are unplanned You do not like to go to work. You are not satisfied with the job you have. You do not like bosses, you may be in a toxic work environment where cheating, unprofessional actions, poor management or poor communication occur. One way to solve this problem is to get out of the environment quickly. This is the best way in some situations; But ideally you should not act arbitrarily. Because abruptly leaving work may make you feel weak; This will have a bad effect on your resume. It is best to take a few deep breaths and rethink your situation. Don’t you just need a little rest? Can you use the time off to change your mood? Consider this option. If your real desire is to quit completely, consider more and act strategically. If you do not have a secondary job that you can do quickly after resigning, try not to change your position temporarily and at the same time, look for another job. Going from one job to another is easier than starting a new job when you are unemployed. Looking for a job when you have an unpleasant job boosts your morale; Because you know you’re trying to quit, and you’re not just fantasizing. Keep up to date with your financial situation; Because you can not stay unemployed for a long time. Do not assume that by resigning, you will quickly find a new job and receive a good salary very soon. Things do not always go as planned, and you may run out of savings and even go into debt and still not have a new job. You have a bad boss It’s weird, but having a bad boss makes a great job the worst. But before you rush to resign, you need to think again about what benefits you will lose by doing so. If your current job position has a lot of potential for growth, chances are you will not need to continue working under the same bad boss for another year. On the other hand, if you let frustration overwhelm you, you may quit your job even before you have a chance to grow. If the current boss is your only reason for resigning, try to work on your relationship instead. To begin, sit down and point out the problems ahead. Explain that you are interested in improving your relationship and would like to take steps in this regard. By doing so, you are likely to improve the situation and influence him. If that doesn’t work, there are other ways to change the time or team environment. However, do not give up your current job completely until you have considered other job options. Have not been promoted Some fractures in the workplace are not fair and you may return to your opinion soon after resigning. Perhaps the best time to resign is when your promotion is rejected; But this is not always true. Make an honest assessment before you get angry or resign. Meet with someone who has decided on your promotion and ask them to guide you through successful actions for the future. During this session, you may hear constructive criticism and realize that getting a promotion has not been fair to you. Of course, you may hear other professions that you do not like, but these are also important. Promoting an employee In most cases, there is a logical reason. This reason is sometimes just a record. In other cases, you learn what you need to do to stand out. Every failure teaches us a lesson; These lessons are sometimes not even considered failures. You may find that your boss has other plans for you, or you may be the next person to be promoted. You will also find out if your presence in the company will have a future. Knowing this will make you more aware of your circumstances and make more rational decisions for your future.

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