What do successful people do after work?

Do a Google search for the phrase “morning program” and you will see 20 million results. A morning program increases performance as well as people’s level of satisfaction. This type of program allows busy mothers to achieve their goals and managers can prepare for a day full of meetings. In addition, both of them can be home for dinner. But having a morning plan is only half the equation. A strong morning program starts with a strong evening program. An evening program will make you start the day better Benjamin Franklin is heard to ask himself every night, “What good have I done today?” “What good thing should I do today?” By asking himself these two questions, he could see what methods were useful today and what methods were not. He could be thankful for his achievements and see them prepare for success the next morning. The right evening program examines these two aspects: Take a look at the day you had. And you plan again for tomorrow. An evening program allows you to focus on the positive results as well as think about your mistakes during the day. You can turn off all electronic devices at this time and calm your mind. Understand what you are going to focus on tomorrow and allow your mind to focus on solving the problem while you are asleep. Set up an evening program When we look at the evening program of successful people like Benjamin Franklin, we find that they go to bed early and wake up early in the morning. They work on their business before everyone else wakes up. They free their minds to focus on what matters and can move toward their goals every day. It is this consistency in their morning and afternoon routines that makes them successful. Ariana Huffington, a well-known American journalist, drinks some tea, takes a shower, and does not use any electronic devices at night. His method is completely scientific and allows him to relax his body and focus on important issues and sleep. Beethoven also fell asleep at 10 a.m. every night so that he could wake up early in the morning and focus on his art. An imperceptible change with amazing results Having an evening program changes habits. For example, instead of going to bed at 11 o’clock and eating right before going to bed, wanting to go to bed at 9 o’clock at night and not eat anything after 7 o’clock is a big habit change. This change does not happen overnight. You can make this change over time by making a small change. Often people tend to do more than they can handle and therefore do not achieve their goals. You can start sleeping earlier. Turn off the electronics and start reading books. You can even stop drinking caffeine in the afternoon. Making this change will cause structural changes in your daily routine. This gives you a lot of opportunities and conditions that allow you to act instead of watching. Whenever you are tempted to go back to your old habit, you can think of the benefits of a new program. Think of successful people who have changed their habits and become successful with the help of this habit. Set a morning schedule Your evening schedule does not have to be complicated. Every step you take in the right direction brings you closer to your goal. There is nothing wrong with being active, but studies show that successful people go to bed earlier. Of course, not everything is related to going to bed early, but to what you do before going to bed. For example: reading a book and turning off electronic devices or spending time with family. If you want to succeed and change your evening plan, start with these steps: Go to bed early and wake up early. (Do this at a specific time.) Turn off the electronics an hour before bed and read a book or spend time with your family. Think about what you did or did not do. Set your schedule for tomorrow morning. And sleep. These 5 steps will allow you to sleep more easily and prepare your mind for sleep. Allow your subconscious mind to focus on your schedule for tomorrow morning, while you can sleep. An evening program builds the structure by which you can develop better habits for success

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