Why do not the necessary raw materials reach the real producers through the stock exchange and the optimizer site?

1- Some manufacturing companies have generally never bought through the stock exchange for several years, and the reason is that they do not want their name to be mentioned in assets and value added tax. Therefore, they prefer to procure materials from the open market at a higher price, and in principle, they do not pay any performance tax or value-added tax, and they somehow solve their problems with property audits every year.

2. A number of manufacturing companies supply a percentage of their raw material needs through the stock exchange and pay VAT, and supply and sell larger parts of the open market.

3 – A number of manufacturing companies supply most of their needs from the stock exchange or buy from the market with special codes and official invoices and have a correct account and book in terms of tax and because of the parties who buy their products are forced to all Have your sales operations clear and transparent.

4 – Out of these three categories of manufacturers, especially for raw materials such as PVC and PET And chemical PPs issues of exchange rate fluctuations and exports of foreign exchange and rials at different times create problems that upset the balance of supply and demand in the commodity exchange during trading and create heavy competition that real producers and exporters. It bothers the performers. Take a look at the consumption of PVC and PET in different grades in previous years and compare the daily exchange rate Free and the amount of competition in weekly purchases is well illustrated in the years when petrochemicals PVC and PET were looking for customers to sell their products door-to-door, but with exchange rate fluctuations And the export of small items, raw materials along the borders of the country, the balance of supply and demand is disturbed, and domestic producers are always harmed for their own consumption, and these materials, which have already been reduced with the necessary discounts from Petrochemicals used to buy, but now they have to buy 30 to 40% with a lot of competition.

Study of material purchases PVC and PET of 95, 96 and 97 shows well the production at all These items are many times the amount of domestic consumption and there is basically no shortage, especially in PVC due to The slump in construction operations in the pipe and fittings sector has not changed much in terms of consumption and this amount of competition. The only factor in this sector is the high price of foreign exchange for the export of small items at the borders, whether for the main materials PVC and what about various companies for different uses PVC for pipes and fittings And cables and shoes and other items that are produced by domestic compound manufacturing units and taken to neighboring countries through small exporters, and the return of the currency is not controllable at all because these people do not pay VAT or taxes. The currency is returned to the system and the goods are exported out of the customs, where they express whatever they want at the customs, both in weight and value. Therefore, the reason for this competition in the stock market has reached its peak since the price of free currency reached 160,000 Rials.

Now, considering the above, what should be done so that the raw materials reach the real producer easily and at a reasonable price? The Ministry of Mining Industry and Trade has thought that by creating a comprehensive system of warehouses and the plan of the horizon and the transportation system, all these cases can be achieved and controlled. But if the amount and volume of raw materials in circulation polymer of the country and materials made in Production units noticed that it turns out that this can be done easily without the cooperation of production units of complementary industries and having the necessary staff in the ministry to review the round trips and extract the wrong materials and deal with them with the current staff that has all the capacity of production units. Some cases with three or four times the actual capacity recorded in the optimizer will be possible ??

Last year, nearly four million tons of polymer materials were purchased by supplementary production units and Commodities have become that after the production of the volume of transfers will be several times. Will the examination of these materials in the current situation with this existing staff and monitoring groups and catch and wards will ultimately create a good result for the final consumer and producer? It seems that if it is not impossible, it will be very difficult and difficult.

So what to do?

The producer should be encouraged to choose a solution and record all his production and sales and pay taxes on it, and he should choose a way that all producers, even those who are never caught on the stock exchange because of being caught in the tax. They encouraged and guided in this way.

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