Lessons from a success

This positive action of the steering committee chaired by the Deputy Minister of Industry of the Ministry of Silence on Thursday morning, with a positive and quick response from Engineer Malekpour, President of the Union of Manufacturers and Exporters of Iranian Artificial Leather, in the form of a message of thanks to Mr. Sadeghi Niaraki, Deputy Minister of Industry Provinces and organizations of Iran Chamber and Dr. Turkman, Chairman of the Board of the National Association of Polymer Industries of Iran, was the end of blind competition and reducing inflammation of this raw material on the one hand and a demonstration of real private sector expertise in interaction with the government Memoirs of the efforts of the Association of Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings last year to manage the inflammation of the raw material market required for this industrial field and the exit of the facade manufacturer and renters from the polyethylene market. According to the author, the minimum outcome of this success is the determination of the strategic working group to smooth the reduction of SPVC inflammation in the very near future. In my short message on Thursday morning, in response to Engineer Malekpour’s message of appreciation to the members of the steering committee, I mentioned in the WhatsApp group of complementary industries: This positive action showed that if the private sector chooses its goals correctly and acts with strong expertise, there is still listening among governments. The author does not intend in this note to point out that 320 billion tomans higher than the base prices of the stock exchange only for PVC has been transferred from the complementary industries to the sellers since the beginning of the year! Or that only last week 41 billion tomans more than the base price in a situation where liquidity is one of the most important factors limiting the prosperity of production, has been transferred from downstream industries to the upstream and the rest of the stakeholders! The author’s intention as an organizational activist in this memo points to the key point that the role of organizations as a protest movement has faded and the period in which organizations play the role of a pressure group on the government without providing services to their members. The organization should play a serious review of its role as a club or club of economic activists and be careful to see and know the benefits of the service they provide, not only for the core members of the organization, but also the interests of all stakeholders. They can not play the role of a service company for their members without any connection with the government. Organizations need to redefine their role in the recent period (with Corona) and the right question of Mr. Shafei in the eighth meeting of the Board of Representatives of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce on the morning of Sunday, July 29, why why while the private sector 84.5% Has employment in the country, do not have a role in decision-making and decision-making? Respond. To address this concern, the head of the private sector cabinet, in my opinion, should focus on the specific goals of the organizations, on the model of the Association of Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings last year and the Union of Manufacturers and Exporters of Iranian Artificial Leather in the spring. This year, along with the National Association of Polymer Industries of Iran experienced, emphasize. As a small member of the National Association’s organizations, in the last three periods, I have witnessed the efforts of the veterans of the polymer industry, including Motusalian and Sahaf Amin, in realizing the model of cooperation between the organizations of the Association. The National Association of Polymer Industries of Iran, which includes about 14 organizations active in various fields of related industries, should put the responsibility of reviewing a balanced organization on the remaining agenda of the fourth term of its board of directors. Inshaa that such a wind. Ali Lashkari Affairs of the National Association of Polymer Industries of Iran 8 July 1399

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